It is amazing how much I have come to depend on the internet.  This morning, I couldn't get mail, so I tried to restart the server.  It didn't work.  Our main phone line is through the internet, so my husband, who was on his way to work as a Network Administrator turned his car around and came home.  We found out the problem was Cablevision's out service provider.  So I went out and ran some errands, came home still no internet.  I found myself becoming cranky, like a smoker who's begrudgingly trying to quit.  Called Cablevision from my cell phone, They said they were working on the problem, and had no idea when it would be fixed.  I started organizing my hard drive folders.  I did that for a while.  I called my husband and complained that we can't even go on by modem because my old laptop is linxsys now and not phone friendly.  Rick said I could access my Juno dialup account from my new Sony Vaio.  Oh wait, the phone line is  internet, so it's down.  How is it possible that we have come to depend so much on  something that didn't even exist until such a short time ago. 
           This frustrating feeling used to come about with a power failure.  No lights, no television, no computer.  But now, take away my internet for a day, and I feel isolated and cut off.  I could  take this time to learn to make Faberge Eggs, but I'd need a tutorial off the internet.  I have become an internet junkie.
            And that makes me wonder, if I am, then there must be a large part of the general population in the same position.  And once there is a large part of the general population involved in anything, the federal government gets involved.  So how long is it, before the FCC starts regulating the internet.  It is a very scary thought.  But not that far fetched.  If the FCC wants to control what you can listen to on the radio, and we know that they do, and they control what we watch on television, who is to stop them from mandating what can and can not be on the internet. 
    Is the day far off when, for the good of the people, the government can just  take over the internet? Then, when they want to clamp down on the free flowing exchange of ideas, they can just shut it down for certain purposes.  Shades of George Orwell, and the famed 1984.  1984 was 21 years ago. Maybe it's already here.   Boy I hope the internet comes back on soon.


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