Fairy's Fairy

As this enchanting little creature examines the tiny look-alike in her hands, she discovers yet another even smaller likeness, so beautiful and perfect, in the delicate hands of her twin. With joy, she sees yet another and another tiny fairy just like herself, her delight being magically repeated into infinity. - Josephine Wall


The Faerie Call
A spell for summoning fairies

Sit where the cat sits. Cross your toes.
Close your eyes. And smell a rose.
Then say under your breath:
"I believe in fairies, sure as death."

Gadflykins! Gladtrypins!
Gutterpuss and Cass!
Come to me fairily
Each lad and lass!

~excerpt from "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book

     The myths and legends about Faerie are many and diverse, and often contradictory. Only one thing is certain-that nothing is certain. All things are possible in the land of Faerie. The mystery of Faerie has been, from the earliest times, a subject of human speculation. What are faeries? Where did they come from? Through the ages, people have thought many different things about faeries.  They are little folk like the leprechauns, or they live under the sea like a mermaid.  Perhaps they are big like the ogre. Some say they are the fallen angels.
 Light elves, living in the air, are benign, happy creatures, but the dark elves, whose domains are the underground regions, are swarthy, evil and blighting.
      One Nordic myth states that Eve was washing all her children by the river when God spoke to her. In her awe and fear she hid those children she had not already washed. God asked her if all her children were there and she replied that they were. He then declared that those she had hidden from him would be hidden from man. These hidden children became the elves or faeries and were known as Huldre Folk in the Scandinavian countries.
   Elsewhere faeries are believed to be fallen angels; or the heathen dead, not good enough for Heaven, but not evil enough to find a place in Hell-compelled to live forever' in between' in the twilight regions, the Middle Kingdom. In England pixies are considered to be the souls of unbaptised children. However, these beliefs stem only from the advent of Christianity, baptism being unknown prior to that time, and hence cannot be considered reliable. The belief in Faerie is very ancient and predated Christianity by several thousand years. Moreover it exists, and has existed, in varying forms, in many countries all over the world.


(SugarPlumFairy by Myrea Pettit)

There is the Faery Godmother, who grants wishes and brings gifts, and the Gnome who is a mischievous little being who causes havoc, the ToothFairy, and of course Santa's Elves fit the bill.



Aine is one of the Great Goddess Faeries of Ireland. She is a Moon goddess, a Love goddess who encourages love with a human, and the Fairy Queen of Munster. Aine  rules agriculture, fertility, crops, and animals. She was originally a Sun goddess who could take the form of a  a red mare that no one could outrun.   There are several myths about Aine who some say was a mortal woman who was taken and enchanted by the fae. She possesses a magical ring that can reveal faeries. Aine liked humans and often mated with men, producing faery children. She once made a magickal vow to never sleep with a gray-haired man. Aine kept this vow even after her jealous sister  used enchantment to turn her beloved Fionnis hair that color.

There are several stories about how Aine came to marry Gerald, the Earl of Desmond. Gerald came across her bathing in a river and fell in love with her at first site. He stole her cloak and refused to return it until she agreed to marry him. In another version he found Aine combing her hair beside the river, and used her own cloak to capture her. In yet another version, Aine enchanted the Earl, who them married her.   In any case, they had a son,  Earl Fitzgerald, who was called The Magician. Gerald who was under a taboo to never show that he was surprised by anything their son did, but he broke his taboo by exclaiming loudly when Geroid jumped in and out of a bottle. The Magician then turned into a wild goose, and flew away. Disgusted with her human husband, Aine disappeared into a faery castle. Geroid is said to live beneath a lake, but will return one day to expel all foreigners from Ireland. Others say that Geroid rides forth every seven years, as a phantom upon a spectral white horse that is shod in silver shoes.

Invoke Aine for love spells, fertility, faery magick, abundance, prosperity,  keeping magickal vows, revealing faeries, and bearing magickal children.   The Sun and Moon are her planets, South West is her direction, and Air is her element. The red mare, rabbit, and swam are her sacred animals. Midsummer Eve (Summer solstice) is Aine's main feast day, when she is traditionally worshiped with torchlit processions through the fields at night. The first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after  (August 1) are also her sacred days. Some say that she claims a life at that time.





















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