This is the Gateway to all of my Mystickal Realms pages.

Mystickal Realms is a New Age Web Competition, where

I have made a lot of good friends, and spend a lot of time.

I've been involved with 3 of the 5 teams, and serve as a

Team Leader, Wizard Welcomer, Mystickal Fae, Ranger,

Mystickal Mentor, and competitor,  winning the prize

Alchemist Trophy twice so far.  I've won contests, awards,

had a lot of fun, and increased traffic to my site as well.  Please

visit my Mystickal Realms pages, and from there you can follow

any of the links to go directly to Mystickal Realms, and see them

for yourselves.  Just click the Next button up top.




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This great ClawColumn came from the Glass Egg

It comes with empty globes, you just fill them and voila.  Isn't it gorgeous?