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Aunt Gracie

I made this BugGlobe as a gift for the Vampire Prince, and he was so pleased I decided to put one here in his honour.

This  is Vampira's idea of a Faberge Egg.                        

Alyx sent me this when I won 3X Alchemist Champ as a Spirit of the Wind.

Into the darkness, nothing but black.

You have to keep walking there's no turning back.

The wind  whistles past you and nips at your ears.

Is someone behind you or is it your fears?

A hand reaches out, and you spin around,

There's no one behind you, but what's that you've found?

A red handkerchief just lays at your feet,

Your heart's beating faster it just skipped a beat.

You suddenly wake, alone in your bed.

Except for a handkerchief,  colored  red.


A little Happy New Year Pressy from Dr. Necessitor Demented Surgeon-At-Large at the Citadel


Mysterious and a scholar, you are a member of the Tremere clan. You are pretty loyal to your clan, well, you sort of have to...especially since you are blood-bonded to most of them. You are the intelligentsia of the Camarilla and are fascinated with the occult. Possessing the ability to use blood for magic, many clans don't like to approach you. However, that is fine with you. You tend not to trust the other clans anyway.

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?


Disorder         Rating
Paranoid:        Very High
Schizoid:              High
Schizotypal:    Very High
Antisocial:      Moderate
Borderline:     Moderate
Histrionic:       Very High
Narcissistic:         High
Avoidant:             High
Dependent:     Very High
Obsessive-            High


Doctor Necessitor Had this Quiz on his site.

Why not take it yourself?


I won these at Dr. Necessitor's Laboratory, at Mystickal Realms.

You've got to be in it to win it!

I was only able to identify 3 body parts, but then again, they weren't sauteed.

In a Past Life...

I Was: A Gorgeous Philosopher.

Where I Lived: Mongolia.

How I Died: In Battle.

You Are A Mage
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David J

 Congratulations! You have an understanding of the
goth culture!

A True Goth Quiz (now with pics)
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Aunt Gracie Courtesy of  Just Kiss

 Reaper and other graphics from The Forsaken


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