So there I was, trying to find out how to eliminate a crease in a Pleather purse I got for our Anniversary, and I stumbled onto the Purse Forum.  


At first I came across a poll, asking how much you typically spent on a bag.  The lowest selection was up to $100, which is where my purses fell, and the most popular choice was $1000 to $5000, with "Up to $10,000" a close second.  I was flabbergasted.


I told myself I was thrilled with my Vegan purses, but when I started reading about the smooshiness of leather, the wonderful smell, and the way it puddled, I began to drool just a little bit. 


Then I found the most gorgeous purse in world, a Rebecca Minkoff full size Nikki.  She has at least 3 different purples that I have seen, and I began to desire one in earnest.  They retail for close to $600.  I began to look for Nikki's on Ebay, and found Mini's and gently used full sized Nikki's for about $300 opening bid.


Then suddenly and quite by accident, I found a Brand New Large Violet Nikki in a store on sale for about $350. The color is gorgeous.  The bird lining is perfect, and it has last year's enviable hardware, over this year's disappointing circular rings.  I am in love with a purse.   I know Christmas is coming, but how do I make my leap to this bag, and how do I justify it to my husband?  Of course it would take the place of the jewelry I usually get, but it would be worth it.  This to me is the Holy Grail of Purses.


My husband like most men, doesn't understand purses, and my son even went so far as to say "Don't you have this one already?"  probably because it is purple.  I'm sure my husband thinks the same thing.


UPDATE: My loving husband, though he doesn't understand it, wanted me to have it.   So Santa has been very good to me, and the purse has been ordered.  The wonderful people at  price matched a great deal on a different purple Nikki at a competitor's, and the purse is on it's way.   Is it Christmas yet?