The flowers harken Spring is here at last
The bees flit here to there and back again
they buzz they sting, they fly so very fast
they disappear with every April rain

And then comes May with Maidens fresh and fair
around the Maypole let the dance begin
The fragrant smell of lilacs fill the air
And bubbles for the little child within

A springtime day is such a wondrous thing
A day for picnics in your favorite park
it makes me want to jump and dance and sing
and stay out late at least till nearly dark

Spring's Magick and so Mystickal you see,
This Spring the Realm's the only place for me





Mystickal Realms is the best Web Competition

 around. They are unlike any other in that they

welcome sites that are out of the ordinary,

 and just a little bit different.

If your site is about the paranormal,

wicca, pagan, gothic, astrology, numerology,

the occult, fandom, spiritual, fantasy,

dragons, faeries, Ancient Civilizations, etc, then

Mystickal Realms would love to have you.







I've met the nicest people, increased traffic to my

site, and won some really great awards.  I started out on

the Spirits of the Wind team.  I wanted to do more, so

I became a Mystickal Fae.  I get to go from guest book to

guestbook leaving messages and graphics.  Then I became a

Mystickal Mentor and Mystickal Ranger.  Rangers are great

because I surf the internet looking for new sites to

bring to Mystickal Realms.   After I won Alchemist 3 times I

retired my site, until the Tournament of Champions.  I took

2nd place.  Then I joined the Gothic Chamber team,

and I won Alchemist 3 times there.  I've retired the site

again, but I'll be back in January.  In the meantime,  won''t

you vote for this page in the Spirit Page Contest? 












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