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Well Hi There!

Welcome to the new & improved .  I've added some new pages, and updated navigation.

My Astrology page is finally done, read all about your sun sign. 

Don't Miss my Mystickal Realms Spirit Page. 

We have 2 pages of Halloween fun, one is graphics for you; the other has fun quizzes to take.

  We have Prayers in the Chapel,

A page to get you thinking...Butterflies

And I've started putting Graphic sets up for you to copy to your harddrive.

New Bike pages include the Biker's Creed, and a photo page of my 2003 Road King Classic.

I've added a Site Map that works, along with a memorial in progress to the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis.

Then there's a F%^* the FCC!!! page, a page about my Mom, and a new page about the Old 102, WPIX New York radio station that jolted me back to my life long dream.

All of this, while I was busy getting my next radio gig!  Enjoy the pages, and leave a note in the Guestbook, or email .





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YO! Show UpDate.. The Kat 'nEd Show ~ ..Our Show Has Been Cancelled.  Check Back for new station ID...Meanwhile, listen to Ed at old timeslot...~ Sunday 5-7 pm Eastern....1390WRIV

   Don't forget to LISTEN LIVE!

This week on the show: 

That's Right.  Dom Deluise - a man who needs no introduction!  He'll share funny stories, play a "Guess What's Cooking" game and more.  Don't miss it!



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Thanks to former guests:

Sunday August 31st

Christopher Guerriero
Author of the Best-Selling book, Maximize Your Metabolism

- visit his website at

He Has a special free gift for WRIV Listeners.  Visit his page and sign up while supplies last!

He'll teach us how to make our metabolism work to the fullest.  Finally shed those unwanted punds and inches one and for all!



August 17th 5-7pm Eastern  We had The author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, Dr. Robert Glover,  and in honor of the anniversary of Elvis' alleged passing, the author of "The Ways Of Elvis"  by an Elvis-Stepbrother's-Good Friend Mr. Dawson.



 August 10th 5-7pm Eastern  We had Arriana, noted Numerologist,  and Mr. Vacation - the guy who will show you how to get the best vacation for the best price!.June 22nd 5-7 pm Eastern


Our special Guest is Henriette Anne Klauser, Ph.D. She's written numerous books, helped would be authors get large contracts, and lots more. She'll take your calls, and help you find help through writing.


        Don't forget to LISTEN LIVE!


As usual, we've got keychains and Her panties to give away, so be there!

Alson~ Let's call and find out how Barbara's Fundraiser went!  Click On Loco Joe Motorcycle Works for more Info.  

"Bikers for Barbara"
The Barbara Caldwell Transplant Fund

Barbara and Steve Caldwell are the owners of Precision V-Twins, Inc., in Nesbitt, MS.
Barbara has been stricken with Scleraderma which has diminished her lung
capacity to less than 1/3 of one lung with which to breathe.
 Her friends, members of the motorcycling community have joined together to assist
in raising the necessary funds toward helping Barbara obtain a vitally
needed lung transplant.

Click Here and Help!

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